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What makes SPS Atlanta different?

Our mission is to improve the lives of individuals using neuroscience-based practices, our expertise, and a strong commitment to our clients. Led by founding director Mindy Cohen, M.Ed., CCC-SLP since 1987, SPS has provided the most efficient and effective diagnosis, treatment, and integration of speech, language, sensory, motor, emotional, and academic programming. Whether it’s to get ahead, fine tune, or achieve maximum potential, we design programs to fit each individual’s unique needs. We don’t just teach remedial strategies, we address the underlying causes to achieve outstanding results.

SPS Programs

Given what we know about brain plasticity, we can help individuals of all ages develop the skills needed to pave the way for success.
With our expertise in pediatrics, we can help improve your child’s:

Speech production, listening skills, & expression of ideas


Balance, coordination, & movement


Ability to participate & succeed in sports & social activities


Reading comprehension, math, and written expression


Working memory, processing speed, and attention

With our scientifically validated programming, we can help you achieve:

Quicker thinking & sharper memory


Improved word findng & verbal fluency


Increased attention & concentration


Improved task initiation & completion


More efficient organization skills

Don’t forget about exercising your brain! Whether you are looking for general cognitive enhancement, want to get your ideas out more easily, or need remediation for skills lost, SPS can design a unique program to reach your goals.

Dedicated Professionals

SPS Speech-Language Pathologists hold Master’s Degrees or higher in Speech-Language Pathology, are certified by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, and are licensed to practice in the state of Georgia. SPS Occupational Therapists hold a Master’s Degree or higher in Occupational Therapy, have advanced training in Sensory Processing Disorders, are registered by the National Board of Certification for Occupational Therapy, and are licensed to practice in the state of Georgia. Our professional staff members regularly attend advanced training seminars as we are eager to expand our knowledge base and expertise to offer effective, state-of-the art treatment models for children and adults.

How Can We Help?

Speech Production & Language Expression

Vocabulary Development Word Retrieval Sentence Formulation Oral & Written Narrative Language Articulation & Childhood Apraxia of Speech Voice, Resonance, and Fluency Social Language

Auditory Processing & Language Comprehension

Working Memory Recalling Main Ideas & Details Following Directions LIstening Comprehension Complex Sentence Understanding Figurative Language Interpretation Story Comprehension

Attention & Concentration

Attentional Control/Focus Sustaining & Shifting Attention Regulating Alertness & Effort Efficient Processing Speed Working Memory & Accessing Recall Managing Frustration Modulating Emotion

Early Reading Development

Phonological Awareness Phonemic Awareness Sight Word Recognition Decoding & Spelling Reading Comprehension Reading Fluency

Advanced Reading

Vocabulary Decoding Spelling Punctuation & Capitalization Rules Advanced Grammar Usage Reading Comprehension Critical Reading Strategies

Executive Functions

Attention, Focus, & Impulse Control Time Management, Planning & Organization Emotional Control Self-Talk & Self-Monitoring Setting Goals & Self-Evaluation Listening Awareness Flexible Thinking

Early Play & Development

Learning Through Play Independent, Functional Play Interacting with Peers Pretending and Playing Games Motor Skills for the Playground Parent Coaching (Toddler Talk)

Written Expression

Handwriting Complex Sentence Production Vocabulary Usage & Expansion Idea Formulation & Organization Sequencing & Narrative Production Spelling & Punctuation Self-Monitoring & Editing


Early Numeracy Skills Critical Concept Development Thinking & Reasoning with Numbers Retaining & Solidifying Math Facts Understanding Math Language Mental Computation Strategies Application with Word Problems

Coordination and Movement

Motor Planning & Sequencing Bilateral Coordination & Balance Endurance Sports Performance Fine Motor Coordination Gross Motor Coordination Rhythym & Timing

Sensory Processing

Bothered by sounds, tastes, smells, & textures Under-Responsive to Environment Over-Responsive to Environment Sensory Seeking or Overly Cautious Arousal (too high, too low, just right) Sensory-Based Motor Disorder Emotional Regulation

Meal Time Therapy

Oral Sensitivity Oral Motor Skills for Feeding Picky Eaters Self-Feeding Skills Feeding & Swallowing Difficulties Making Mealtime Fun

Let’s Change the Brain:

Your Avenue to Success

You’ve probably heard that there are windows of opportunity when the brain is ready to learn new skills. These are  referred to as developmental milestones. The brain is ‘plastic.’ In other words, it can and does reorganize itself, sometimes within a remarkably short period of time. We at SPS understand brain plasticity and have the knowledge and technology to help ‘change the brain.’  If we target the root cause and establish new brain pathways by specific, repetitive practice, skills become automatic, learning is much easier, and success is within reach with our speech-language pathology services.
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