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Auditory Processing Programming

Efficient & Effective Programming to Help Students

Close the Gap Between Intellect & Academic Potential

An intensive, neuroscience approach to develop the foundational skills of auditory processing, working memory, attention, & sequencing to pave the way for successful learning.

Dynamic & highly adaptive, so that the student is always given the “just right” challenge.

Most Extensively Researched

More than 250 peer-reviewed research papers in prestigious journals

30 years of research as to how the brain learns

Fast ForWord delivers dramatic, lasting results & has helped thousands of children

The Gold Standard

Over 55 patents in neuroscience & education, Fast ForWord delivers dramatic, lasting results

Fast ForWord

Our Fast ForWord Family of Programs is a State-of-the-Art, Technology based program designed to build the skills that children need for listening, speaking, and learning to read. Developed by the Scientific Learning Corporation, Fast ForWord programming is used by specifically trained and certified professionals in over 35 sites, including SPS, throughout the United States and Canada.

To make sense out of what he/she hears, a child must be able to distinguish speech sounds in everyday conversation. While most children naturally acquire all the skills necessary for language learning during the first few years of life, about ten percent of all children have difficulty understanding what they hear. Auditory Processing Deficits are a common cause of reading difficulties.

Many programs for auditory processing difficulty focus on symptoms. Our Fast ForWord Programming begins with intensive training to treat underlying auditory processing difficulties and then advances to strengthening critical reading skills.

Fast ForWord uses fun, computer exercises with animated rewards to help children process auditory information quickly and accurately. This individualized program automatically adapts based on each child’s mastery of new skills, growing more challenging and rewarding as the child progresses.

Fast ForWord utilizes “acoutstically modified speech,” which is a patented technology which uses acoustically modified speech so that sounds are stretched and emphasized. As listening accuracy improves, modification decreases, and ultimately sounds are processed at the natural speech level. This technology helps children recognize word sounds first, in isolated syllables, then in groups of sounds, words, and finally sentences. 

Targeted Skills in Fast ForWord for Auditory Processing Programming

Builds memory by working through a variety of tasks, such as having students hold a statement or question in working memory while retrieving associated information from long-term memory.

Improves attention by developing the ability to focus on multiple tasks and ignore distractions.

Strengthens auditory and language processing rates so that students can distinguish sounds quickly enough to understand words and sentences.

Develops sequencing skills by having students use logical word order to comprehend simple, sequential, and complex instructions.

Phonological Accuracy
To make correct distinctions based on individual sounds or other
aspects of phonology (e.g., number of  syllables).
Auditory Sequencing & Word Recognition
To recognize and remember the order in which a series of sounds is presented
and accurately identify spoken words by relying on sound cues alone.
Phonological Memory

To increase the capacity for holding speech sounds in memory which is used in such tasks as comparing phonemes, relating phonemes to letters,

and sounding out words.

Following Directions
To be able to listen to spoken directions of increasing length and complexity, comprehend them, and keep them in memory long enough to plan and carry out the required action.
English Language Conventions & Listening Comprehension

To understand the elements of the English language (e.g., word order, vocabulary, prefixes and suffixes, plurals, and subject-verb agreement) and to understand successive sentences to derive meaning from stories.

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Language & Language to Reading

Our Fast ForWord Language Programming is an auditory processing and reading intervention solution, tailored to the elementary learner, that builds foundational language and reading skills while improving memory, attention, processing rates, and sequencing. It is based on more than 30 years of research on how the brain learns and how this connects to language and reading. It increases processing efficiency, thereby accelerating the learning process that results in enduring gains.

Language v2

Maps the brain to improve fundamental cognitive skills  to simultaneously improving reading and learning. Language v2 gives struggling readers the solid foundation they need to learn to read. These skills are developed in the context of key language and reading skills including:

  • Listening Accuracy
  • Auditory Sequencing
  • Phonological Accuracy
  • Phonological Fluency
  • Auditory Word Recognition
  • Comprehension of Language Structures

Language to Reading

 Builds on the skills acquired in Language v2, accelerating the development of  language and reading skills by helping students make the link between spoken words and reading.  As a result, children are able to decode, spell, and assimilate new vocabulary faster and easier. Language to Reading targets critical skills including:

  • Advanced listening accuracy
  • Advanced Auditory Sequencing
  • Phonological Memory
  • Word Analyis
  • Listening Comprehension & Following Directions
  • English Language Conventions

Literacy & Literacy Advanced

Our Fast ForWord Literacy & Literacy Advanced Programming is specifically designed for the adolescent and young adult learner. This program helps to build the foundational skills needed to “read to learn” in high school and in college. The exercises build cognitive, language, and literacy skills and provide advanced grammatical structures, places increased demand on listening for comprehension tasks and advances student vocabulary including terms from math and science. With these skills, one can not only read to experience success in school, but read for pleasure the rest of one’s life!

Combined with data-driven educational content it adapts to a student’s skill level so adolescent students and adults are continually challenged rather than being frustrated by tasks that are too difficult or bored with tasks that are too easy.


Develops the listening and language skills that give participants the solid foundational skills they need to become better readers including:

  • Listening accuracy & comprehension
  • Auditory sequencing
  • Auditory word recognition
  • Listening in a quick & efficient manner
  • Phonological memory, accuracy, and fluency
  • Phonological structures
  • General & curricular vocabulary
  • English language conventions
  • Following complex directions and commands

Literacy Advanced

Continues the cognitive strengthening of Literacy and provides advanced practice in grammatical structures and comprehension. It strengthens processing efficiency and sustaned attention. The exercises feature:

  • Advanced listenign accuracy & auditory sequencing
  • Advanced decoding and word analysis
  • Advanced phonological memory with combined auditory and visual cues
  • Sequential and inferential comprehension questions
  • Advanced grammatical structures
  • Highly demanding sustained attention tasks
  • Ability to sequence multi-step instructions
  • Reinforces left to right reading patterns through visual tracking

How do we do Fast ForWord differently?

SPS provides on-site and off-site Fast ForWord programming that is monitored and implemented by licensed & experienced Speech-Language Pathologists.

Fast ForWord at SPS includes:

  • Hands on monitoring
  • Regular progress meetings
  • Pre- and post-testing
  • Intervention planning after Fast ForWord completion
  • Fun motivational incentives

The Fast ForWord team at SPS is strongly committed to helping you, your child, or young adult experience noticeable and permanent gains through  Fast ForWord training.

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