Language & Language to Reading

Our Fast ForWord Language Programming is an auditory processing and reading intervention solution, tailored to the elementary learner, that builds foundational language and reading skills while improving memory, attention, processing rates, and sequencing. It is based on more than 30 years of research on how the brain learns and how this connects to language and reading. It increases processing efficiency, thereby accelerating the learning process that results in enduring gains.

Language v2

Maps the brain to improve fundamental cognitive skills  to simultaneously improving reading and learning. Language v2 gives struggling readers the solid foundation they need to learn to read. These skills are developed in the context of key language and reading skills including:

  • Listening Accuracy
  • Auditory Sequencing
  • Phonological Accuracy
  • Phonological Fluency
  • Auditory Word Recognition
  • Comprehension of Language Structures

Language to Reading

 Builds on the skills acquired in Language v2, accelerating the development of  language and reading skills by helping students make the link between spoken words and reading.  As a result, children are able to decode, spell, and assimilate new vocabulary faster and easier. Language to Reading targets critical skills including:

  • Advanced listening accuracy
  • Advanced Auditory Sequencing
  • Phonological Memory
  • Word Analyis
  • Listening Comprehension & Following Directions
  • English Language Conventions
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