Literacy & Literacy Advanced

Our Fast ForWord Literacy & Literacy Advanced Programming is specifically designed for the adolescent and young adult learner. This program helps to build the foundational skills needed to “read to learn” in high school and in college. The exercises build cognitive, language, and literacy skills and provide advanced grammatical structures, places increased demand on listening for comprehension tasks and advances student vocabulary including terms from math and science. With these skills, one can not only read to experience success in school, but read for pleasure the rest of one’s life!

Combined with data-driven educational content it adapts to a student’s skill level so adolescent students and adults are continually challenged rather than being frustrated by tasks that are too difficult or bored with tasks that are too easy.


Develops the listening and language skills that give participants the solid foundational skills they need to become better readers including:

  • Listening accuracy & comprehension
  • Auditory sequencing
  • Auditory word recognition
  • Listening in a quick & efficient manner
  • Phonological memory, accuracy, and fluency
  • Phonological structures
  • General & curricular vocabulary
  • English language conventions
  • Following complex directions and commands

Literacy Advanced

Continues the cognitive strengthening of Literacy and provides advanced practice in grammatical structures and comprehension. It strengthens processing efficiency and sustaned attention. The exercises feature:

  • Advanced listenign accuracy & auditory sequencing
  • Advanced decoding and word analysis
  • Advanced phonological memory with combined auditory and visual cues
  • Sequential and inferential comprehension questions
  • Advanced grammatical structures
  • Highly demanding sustained attention tasks
  • Ability to sequence multi-step instructions
  • Reinforces left to right reading patterns through visual tracking
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