Fast ForWord

Our Fast ForWord Family of Programs is a State-of-the-Art, Technology based program designed to build the skills that children need for listening, speaking, and learning to read. Developed by the Scientific Learning Corporation, Fast ForWord programming is used by specifically trained and certified professionals in over 35 sites, including SPS, throughout the United States and Canada.

To make sense out of what he/she hears, a child must be able to distinguish speech sounds in everyday conversation. While most children naturally acquire all the skills necessary for language learning during the first few years of life, about ten percent of all children have difficulty understanding what they hear. Auditory Processing Deficits are a common cause of reading difficulties.

Many programs for auditory processing difficulty focus on symptoms. Our Fast ForWord Programming begins with intensive training to treat underlying auditory processing difficulties and then advances to strengthening critical reading skills.

Fast ForWord uses fun, computer exercises with animated rewards to help children process auditory information quickly and accurately. This individualized program automatically adapts based on each child’s mastery of new skills, growing more challenging and rewarding as the child progresses.

Fast ForWord utilizes “acoutstically modified speech,” which is a patented technology which uses acoustically modified speech so that sounds are stretched and emphasized. As listening accuracy improves, modification decreases, and ultimately sounds are processed at the natural speech level. This technology helps children recognize word sounds first, in isolated syllables, then in groups of sounds, words, and finally sentences. 

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